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Snow Sports Participant Report

For the past five seasons, SIA has been working with six other major governing bodies and trade associations in the sports, fitness, outdoor, and leisure industries to form a research partnership- The Physical Activity Council (PAC).

The goal of the partnership is to identify key trends in sports, fitness, and recreation participation in the USA. An overview of participation in 117 different sports and leisure activities in the U.S. is available now! Copies of the Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Participation Overview (2014 edition) can be downloaded from

The result is the Snow Sports Participation Report, a highly detailed account of 117 different activities including the following winter sports:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Freeskiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Telemark Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Nordic Skiing

Nineteen million Americans were active in snow sports during the 2013/2014 season. Understanding who purchases snow sports products and heads to the slopes and the trails is critical to understanding the snow sports marketplace.

The report includes:

  • Overall headcounts
  • Cross-over activities including 117 sports and leisure activities
  • Geographic density
  • Income, Education, Age
  • Frequency of participation, and more.

How Can I Use It?

Use this data to really get to know your customers--how many, how educated, how much income they earn, where they live--so you can deliver the products and product marketing they are looking for. Consumers in the snow sports market have demands, and the more you can learn about your potential customers, the better equipped you are to meet those demands.

If you want to know the snow sports participant then this report is the place to start. Get all of your detailed demographic information here. Available via email as a PDF file. Contact Kelly Davis at 703-506-4224 or, with any questions.

This report is FREE to SIA Members*. Non-members may purchase the report for $899.

*Call for details.

  Snow Sports Participation Trends By Discipline Age Demographics Economic Concerns Ethnic Demographics

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