SIA is looking to add a Research Manager to its talented roster in its new headquarters in Park City. Check out the job listing below, and contact for more information.

SIA is in search of a Research Manager to join the team in Park City, Utah.

General Description:
To assist the Director of Research and support the organizational goals set out specific for data and research.

Reports to:
Director of Research

Primary Duties:
Help develop analyses, reports, surveys, briefings, and website tools that are provided to SIA members.
Help ensure that the data is presented in a form that is easy to comprehend and is considered a valuable tool by the user.
Help present research findings to members, media, government affairs targets, organizations, and large groups of stakeholders as requested.
Help support the Director of Research maintain outside research partnerships as requested.
Help develop and execute research projects and stay on on budget.
Help develop ways to present data to the industry in a meaningul and clear way on a routine basis.
Other duties as requested by your manager.

Job Requirements
Skills & Knowledge Required:
Initiative, flexibility, responsibility and able to work independently
Able to multi-task, work well with team
Goal-oriented, excellent communication skills
Must have good quantitive skills and proficient in data analysis, preferable with experience working with large datasets
Experience with web analytics like Google, Facebook, etc is preferred
Must know what a net promoter score is and how to calculate it

Experience, Education, and/or Training Required:
1-5 years experience working with research and data
College degree
Proficiency in Tableau, SPSS, SAS and/or other statistical analysis tools is preferred. Proficiency in Excel is an absolute necessity
Physical requirements of the job – Minimal travel

To Apply:
Please submit your brief cover letter and resume through Malakye.