Get to Know Henry Cho

Henry ChoHenry Cho

Database Manager



How long have you worked for SIA? 16 yearsHenry Cho

Where did you grow up? Arlington, Virginia

Sports team:  Washington Nationals
Board game: Hate board games
Food: Linguini with clams
Color: Black
Skiing or riding destination: Anywhere that has a lot of snow but in particular Kirkwood

Best SIA Snow Show memory: Ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz calling one of our staff “fluffy”

What’s something that not many people know about you? I’m head over heels for my brother’s dog, a Yorkie

Who are your favorite bands or musicians? My wife

Coolest place you have ever been: San Diego Zoo to see bonobos for the first time; never knew about them until that visit

Top three off-snow activities: Playing guitar and piano,taking a stroll with my wife

What’s your favorite candy bar? Snickers

I would like to meet . . . An ape (bonobo, gorilla, chimpanzee or orangutan) outside a zoo/enclosure

What’s your best snow sports memory? Driving from VA to Breckenridge in 1992 for my first time skiing the west coast; drove non-stop and got on the slopes as soon as we pulled into town

What’s the first ski/snowboard shop you visited? Fairfax Surf Shop in VA (but for a skateboard purchase; then purchased my very first snowboard, a Sims, there soon after)

First area I skied/rode at… Ski Liberty, PA about 30 years ago