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Ali Levy’s Merchandising Tips: Earth Day 2015 & SIA Snow Show DIY Session Recap

In honor of Earth Day, I once again turn to the almighty dumpster as a receptacle, not for junk, but rather a treasure trove of castaway items just waiting to find new homes. I presented a DIY Displays on a Budget session at this year’s SIA Snow Show and have pulled together some of my favorite nuggets of creative and inspirational ideas for you this month.

merchandising_dumpster_042215There’s gold in them thar dumpsters!

Dumpster Diving

I hate to sound like a broken record here – but dang if I don’t find some of the best things to use in displays in the trash.  Wood pallets are a common material used by many a retailer because they can be transformed into useful stages to display a multitude of products.  They look great as is in their natural state or you can spray paint and/or decorate them for more pop.

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Ali LevySIA is working with visual merchandising consultant Ali Levy to provide retailers with some fresh merchandising ideas for increasing sales and interest from consumers. Levy’s impressive resume includes managing retail, buying and trade show/retail merchandising efforts for some of the industry’s biggest names including SmartWool, Cloudveil and Marmot. For more information about her company, contact Ali at or visit her website,