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Ali Levy’s Merchandising Tips: OGE Merchandiser profile – Liza Cannon

The Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, VTBeing blessed with a great retail space that also comes with enviable spacious street facing window displays is sort of like winning the genetic lottery, if you like those tall, good looking types.

The Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, VT is one such truly “blessed” store.  OGE, as they are known locally, moved from a smaller, less prominent location near Burlington’s downtown, pedestrian friendly Church Street Marketplace to being smack dab in the middle of Church Street in May 2011.  With their new space, formerly an Old Navy store, came terrific, sprawling display windows on either side of their front entrance.

For years, changing the window display was something that happened, as current visual merchandiser (her official title is retail specialist) at OGE Liza Cannon told me, “ when someone remembered to do it.”

Since Cannon’s arrival at OGE in 2013, the stores windows have experienced a renaissance of sorts.

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