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Alpin Haus | Amsterdam, NY

Founded in 1964 by Bud Heck out of a passion for skiing. Today Alpin Haus Ski department is based in a 100,000 square foot strip mall that they own. Since Andy and Greg have joined Bud in the business Alpin Haus has been in growth mode. Alpin Haus now ranks as the 17th largest privately held company in the Albany market employing over 200.
A huge benefit to the growth and diversity is the sharing of best practices between divisions. Employees move around between stores and divisions as they move up the corporate ladder. Another area that Alpin Haus prides itself on is the commitment to training. During 2005 and 2006 over 100 employees were sent to a 4 day Leadership retreat. Alpin Haus has always prided itself on its motto “Run by skiers for skiers.”
Owner: Bud Heck
Alpin Haus
Alpin Haus