SIA Newsletter

Andre Dallaire*

I started as a REP in 1991 for the distributor of Burton in Canada and have been with Burton North America since 1996. Since 1998, I have managed two agencies and one is Agency Andr_ Dallaire Inc. which oversees Burton Snowboards, Red, Anon, Gravis and Analog (all Burton brands) with 7 reps and 5 support staff. We have a 7,000. sq. foot showroom in Montreal to serve our customers.

Our second Agency Sirius Inc. represents Volcom in Quebec and Ontario with 4 reps and 4 support staff and 2 showrooms – one in Montreal (2,000 sq. feet) and one in Toronto (2,300 sq. feet). Our strength is service and understanding of our industry and distributing in the right channel. We are all snowboarders that love the sport and still enjoy it as much as possible. Every year we set ourselves goals to ride 50 + days without sacrificing our day to day duty.

*also won 06.07 SIA Canadian SnowSports Rep of the Year.