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Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop | Eugene, OR

Berg’s Ski and Snowboard Shop is a small, family-owned business that’s been dedicated to superior customer service and products for over 54 years. Berg’s specializes exclusively in skiing and snowboarding equipment, winter apparel, and related accessories. Our close knit staff is comprised of individuals who love to ski and snowboard, as well as take pride in their commitment in assisting others in finding the right equipment to best suit their needs and sporting aspirations.

Berg’s Ski and Snowboard Shop is the vision of Alfred Berg, a non-English speaking Norwegian immigrant whom at the age of eighteen boarded an ocean steamer in search of the American dream. Berg’s opened its doors in 1953, selling downhill and cross country equipment alongside the latest ski fashions. The family’s dedication to community and customer service made Berg’s the regional destination for winter sports enthusiasts who knew they would receive unparalleled service, fair prices, and be valued as members of a shared community.

After 54 years, Berg’s remains a family affair. Dale and Paul, Alfred and Emma’s sons, continue to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the shop. Dale’s sons focus their efforts in both alpine and backcountry endeavors, while Paul’s wife and daughters contribute in accounting and marketing. The current Berg’s staff has accumulated over 200 years of combined experience in the ski and snowboard industry, and the “Berg Shop Family” continues to grow, as many employees return year after year to assist in the continued development of Alfred’s dream.

Berg’s began by providing their community with alpine and cross country ski equipment but has grown and diversified over the years. Berg’s currently provides a full range of products and services associated with alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, cross country, nordic, backcountry, alpine touring, and telemark. Whether you’re interested in a casual day out with the family, or a serious alpine expedition, Berg’s is here to listen to their customers’ aspirations, discuss their needs, and is positioned to outfit their needs with a full line of clothing, hardware, accessories, and an exceptionally well stocked rental department. With the assistance of the internet, we serve an ever expanding customer base throughout the United States.

While times and product lines may change, other things at Berg’s never do. Enter the shop and you’ll still smell melting wax and feel the warm embrace of our red shag carpet. You’ll still get the homemade signs and someone to carry your gear out to the car for you. Surely you’ll see more product lines than we had in 1953, but you’ll still get the same knowledgeable, friendly, and inviting staff to assist you in acquiring just the right gear for your next adventure. While adapting to our customer’s needs, Berg’s continues to be the ski and snowboard shop that treats its customers with honesty, integrity, and respect. We strive to provide our customers with unexpectedly friendly and informative customer service. After all, Alfred wouldn’t have it any other way.