SIA Newsletter

Brad Decker

Brands Represented:  Nordica/Tecnica/HH/Never Summer and adidas

I started skiing at the age of 3 at the Homestead Resort in Virginia with my family. My family bought a small condo at Wintergreen and we lived there every weekend!

After school I worked for Nick Savage at Ski World in Virginia Beach for about 12 years as a buyer and manager before becoming a sales rep for Nordica and Never Summer.

I have been a rep for 6 years now and have been with Nordica and NS since the beginning.

In the past 3 years I have added Ryan Genua and Billy Wolfe to my sales agency Decker & Associates and they are my backbone. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.

I am honored that I was chosen again for this award and want to thank my Retailers for nominating me. I also want to thank the brands we represent for the support and being great business partners to my retailers!

I currently represent Nordica, Tecnica, Helly Hansen , Never Summer, and Adidas. I live in Norfolk, Virginia with my wife Jessica and my 4 year old, Mollie Paige. Mollie is already skiing and taking lessons- Little Picabo!