SIA Newsletter

Brad Decker

As a snow sports enthusiast since childhood, I began my career in the snow industry as a buyer and manager for the Virginia retailer,  Ski World. From 1995 to 2005 I worked with Nick Savage and his  team, learning the ins and outs of the retail side of the business.  During that time I cultivated many key business and customer  relationships – relationships I maintain today

In July 2005 I jumped at the opportunity to work with the Nordica team and Never Summer Industries. After 9 great years I still represent Nordica, Never Summer and have added Tecnica Blizzard, Helly Hansen and adidas outdoors to the lines my Agency represents.  

This is a great honor and I am really appreciative that the retailers voted for me.  There are some great reps down here and it’s pretty cool to win this award and it’s very humbling. I wouldn’t be here if the team at Nordica didn’t give me a shot at being rep almost 10yrs ago. It was my dream come true when Andy Knittle offered me the job and to this day I love what I do. This industry is my family and that’s super important to me.  The South is a unique zone but nothing beats the Southern Hospitality.