SIA Newsletter

Clem Smith

I grew up across the street from Holimont ski area in Ellicottville, NY. I started skiing when I was 3 and started racing shortly after. My dad used to check passes before we became members of HoliMont just so my brother and I could be in the race program there. It was awesome growing up right there across from the lifts. My first job when I was 14 was at the Ski Depot on Main St. in Ellicotville. That was my first experience in retail and I was stoked because I got my hands on some great gear and met legends like Glen Plake and Scott Schmidt. Later I went to Northwood School in Lake Placid and on to St. Lawrence University where I raced for 4 years. I moved out to Vail in 99′ after graduating college and I got a job at Gorsuch Ltd.

A year and half later I was hired by Tecnica/Volkl as a tech rep and worked in promotions for 7 years. That was a great experience; I got to meet a ton of great people and world class skiers. When Tecnica and Volkl split up in 2007, I took an opportunity to become a sales rep for Blizzard Skis in California. I was stoked to move here because I love to ski, surf and mountain bike and the territory has world class spots for all three. Plus the people here are amazing. I had one account when I moved out to Truckee with my wife in December 2007, but I knew the Tecnica group was going to make Blizzard turn into the brand it is today. It’s been a lot of hard work but I’ve had a blast skiing as much as I can, meeting great folks and really enjoying what I do. It’s really cool to see how far Tecnica and Blizzard have come since I started repping them.

Recently, I’ve been really lucky to add POC Helmets and Armor to my agency, Storm Day Sales, for 2013. POC is a brand I’ve admired forever. They have unreal quality products, a great team and an amazing aesthetic, which makes selling it a lot of fun. I’m a firm believer in loving the product you’re selling. It gives you better credibility as a rep and allows you to better enjoy your work. I really enjoy putting on fun events to promote my brands as well, because, well, it’s fun! It’s great to look back and reflect on how much opportunity this sport with plastic boots and weird foot extensions has given me throughout my life.  My agency, represents Tecnica Boots, Blizzard Skis, POC Helmets and Armor, Holmenkol Ski Wax, Soul Poles for winter sports and Watermans Sunscreen and Future Fins keep us close to the beach in the summer.


“I’m really stoked to be rep of the year because we have a ton of great reps in my territory so it’s nice to be recognized for the hard work we’ve put in over the last five years. I really enjoy seeing the gear I represent on the hill whenever I’m out skiing. It’s the most rewarding to see people enjoying our sport and believing in the products you rep.”