SIA Newsletter

Coastal Riders – Langley, BC

Coastal Riders was started in 2001 with a focus on building skateboarding and snowboarding in their local community. This was accomplished with excellent customer service, knowledgeable and friendly staff, great brands and good times.  Coastal started to build on this philosophy early on by growing its brand list and adding team riders to its skateboard and snowboard teams. Coastal Riders has always supported the local community, running many different events and parties, including park jams, bbq’s, in store parties, and video premieres.

Coastal has produced over 6 shop team videos and sponsored many other projects. In 2011 the shop moved to Langley, British Columbia where it could continue to service the Fraser Valley in a more convenient location. Coastal Riders would like to thank the brands and reps, the shop staff and team riders, and most importantly, their customers for making them one of the best shops in Canada.  Coastal looks forward to the future and growing the Coastal Riders family!

Coastal riders