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Coastal Riders | Surrey, BC and SnowCovers Sports, Inc* | Vancouver, BC

Coastal Riders is a family owned shop that was started in 2001. It is dedicated to providing quality products with quality service. We are proud of our community, customers and scene.
SnowCovers Sports, Inc* | Vancouver,

SnowCovers Sports was founded by Kim Hodal in Vancouver in 1981. What started as a little ski shop operating only during the winter months has since evolved into an ever-growing, year-round business with a 6000 sq ft location in Vancouver, BC, a location in the world’s #1 resort, Whistler, BC and a loyal, dedicated staff of over 50 people.
Kim continues to drive the Vancouver business, while his business partner of over 15 years, Jay Taylor, oversees the Whistler operation.
SnowCovers is renowned throughout the ski industry as home to some of the best and most innovative boot fitters in the industry. As well, we pride ourselves on being the go-to shop for the highest quality gear you can find in snow sports and for offering customer service that is unparalleled.
*also won 06.07 SIA Canadian SnowSports Retailer of the Year