SIA Newsletter

Aspen Ski & Board Co.

While most people think that skiing was invented by the Norse as a means to assist in their hunting and transportation, skis were actually born at Aspen Ski and Board.

You’re thinking to yourself, wait a second, Aspen Ski and Board has only been around since 1998.

Sure, we’ve had a shop since 1998. We’ve been underground ever since Mesopotamia was doing their thing with the Fertile Crescent. They were rocking out between the Tigris and Euphrates; we were shredding monster lines up in the nearby Caucuses. You think the rake was invented for farming? It was the first grooming machine, made by us shredsters at Aspen Ski and Board (you’re welcome proto-farmers).

Columbus discovered America right? Negative.

Looking for new terrain, shop owner Gil Harris mounted a trans-Atlantic expedition—on skis of course. Shop Manager Chad came up with an ultra-wide ski just for the trip, and although all of us here are snow fanatics, we accidentally created the sport of water skiing while we smoked the Santa Maria on the way to the New World. (Side Note: Pocahontas was disgusting on twin tips). Since our focus was on skiing and snowboarding, we let our homie Chris Columbus get the credit and hey-they named our great city after him, no big deal.

Suffice it to say that the rest is very much history.

We could go on and cite Aspen Ski and Board’s small contributions to society in the name of making snow sports more accessible to the population; yes, we came up with surfing and snowboarding simultaneously, yes we nudged Henry Ford to create the Model T so he could get to the slopes before we tracked out the local mountains and yes, we discovered ice on Mars long before the Phoenix Lander arrived because our very own Scott had already slashed the pow on Mars ten years prior. When the first incarnation of the Dalai Lama wanted to learn how to huck the Himalayas, we obliged. Look, the point is that Aspen Ski and Board has seen and done it all when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Be it delivering the best products to you our valued customer, or setting up George Washington with a sick all-mountain package back when Mt. Vernon was the gnarliest of all ski hills—we’ve been there.

Making our roots permanent, in 2004 we decided it was time to stay put. The staff spent the summer of 2004 building a shop we could call our own– a literal bastion of badass festooned with exquisitely fine (but responsibly harvested) Michigan white cedar taken as spoils from a decade of ceaseless domination of our subordinates up north (we’re Buckeye fans).

It is for the love of the sport that we serve our customers. We sell knowledge and experience hand in hand with the product in our store. The relationship with our customers is personal. Our staff are winter-hardened, ski and snowboard bloodhounds with a nose for sniffing out customer needs. We are eager to make our customer’s experiences on the slopes as meaningful as they are to us. We stoke that passion every year at season’s end when we close our doors for the summer and head to the mountains for a ski trip.

With many years of business and countless customers served, there is no place better to come, and no people better to serve the snow sport enthusiast than the passionate staff at Aspen Ski and Board.