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Neptune Diving & Ski

I started my business in 1973. I was president of a SCUBA club  called the Nashville Neptunes.When the only two dive stores in Nashville closed I opened a small part- time dive shop for the club, diving friends and for my own needs. I named it Neptune Equipment Company. After three seasons so many people counted on my business that I made it a full time store but realized that to be viable I needed something for the colder part of the year so I added another hobby of mine skiing to the mix. As Neptune grew, I resigned my national sales manager position with a hospital supply company and began expanding Neptune and changed the name to Neptune Diving and Ski and in 1979 added snowboarding. Neptune was the first snow sports store in middle Tennessee. By the early 1980’s the winter sports became the tail wagging the dog. Other stores opened up and by the mid 1980’s there were nine ski shops and three snowboard shops in Nashville. Those were difficult times but by 1990 all but one of my competitors went out of business. The last one closed in 1996.We survived because of our commitment to customer service, fair pricing, and by taking a sincere interest in our customer’s needs. I opened a second location in Birmingham, Alabama in 2000.After we paid off our building we closed the store and sold the building in 2014.We own the strip center in Nashville where our store is located which is income producing and gives us strong stability. When I am ready to retire in a few years, my 28 year old son, Shane, is well prepared to be the second generation to carry Neptune well into the future. We sell retail, rent equipment, do repairs and service, conduct trips and teach our three sports. My quote: “Never lose sight of the fact that the only reason we are in business is to take care of the needs of our customers, keep them happy”.

My contact info: Neptune Enterprises, Inc.

5827 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

Phone# 615-356-5051

Fax# 615-356-5558

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