SIA Newsletter

Dane Stevenson

With 23 years as an independent sales rep in the ski/outdoor industry, I still get stoked with the anticipation of the upcoming season!

I started working in a ski/bike shop when I was a kid in junior high in a farm town you could get away with that! Tuning skis and fixing bikes was awesome back then and I still love getting dirty today.

Having several lines exploding with growth is tough to manage so, a big change for me occurred in January when I decided to reduce my lines and employees to spend more time with my family and focus more with fewer brands. A difficult decision but one that has really been positive for everyone _ sales are way up and it really feels good to have the time to be proactive.

Even with an ever-changing business landscape, my goals as a rep have always been the same: only sell what you feel will sell though profitably, be a business partner not an order taker, have passion for what you sell and absolute respect for the retailers you sell to. Long term relationships with vendors that have the same goals is also a big deal for me _ going on 23 years with great brands like Swix and Rollerblade is proof of that.

I currently rep Swix (23 years), POC (3 years), Dermatone (23 years), Rollerblade (23 years), Hammerhead (1 year), Pedro’s (12 years)

I have fantastic retailers that I really enjoy working with and that’s what makes this job awesome!

*Dane was also the 2007 SIA US SnowSports Regional Rep of the Year winner in the Rockies region.