SIA Newsletter

Danny Barone

I grew up in Colorado Springs where I worked retail for about nine years at the local snow/skate shop, BC Surf and Sport. When I decided to leave the retail life, I was hired on as a tech rep in 1992 for DC Shoes, Northwave and Section Outerwear. After a couple of years, the rep group I was with was hired by Smith Optics. Little did I know at the time, but I would soon find out that this was the company I wanted to retire with. A few more years passed and I decided to become exclusive with Smith and along with my very esteemed colleagues, Axel Geittmann, Jake Pedziawatr and Heather Crawford, we have been charging with Smith Optics ever since.

I believe that my success with my retailers and hopefully the end consumer stems from the amazing relationship I have with all the people at Smith. It is a very tight, very talented group of individuals from our design team to our in-house reps that I feel really sets us apart. It’s pretty easy to be passionate on every single shop visit or phone call when I know that I am representing such a rad brand.

I have been skateboarding for over 20 years, a few of which on the pro level (BC Surf and Sport was gracious enough to give me a pro deck years back) and snowboarding for about 10 years. To me, nothing is more fun than skating a park with some old friends or having “board meetings” with the crew at Loveland or Vail.

A very special thank you to all the shops and people who voted for me; I think of you all as my friends. I’m glad that I have gotten the chance to help your businesses grow and to have had some long nights out with a few of you. You guys are the best and I look forward to a great 2011!