SIA Newsletter

Drew Sivers

My life in the ski industry all began back in the fall of 1985, when back in high school, it was suggested by my parents that I go get a part time job. Little did I know that almost 25 years later I’d still be deeply involved and still passionate about the industry I literally grew up in.

Throughout my senior year in high school, I spent every Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s at a prominent Toronto based retailer fitting boots and honing my boot fitting skills. Thank you Colin Sanders for keeping me on the somewhat straight and narrow for those formative years!

As soon as I graduated from high school, I immediately packed up my gear (Rossi 4SK, and Lange XTI) and headed west to Whistler to gofind myself’ and ended up boot fitting at Mckonkey’s somehow full time and skiing full time too! Thank you Frank McNally, John Colpitts, and Dave Steers for putting up with me and keeping me firmly in my place while inwonderland’.

One season inevitably turned into two. It was then off to the University of Queens in Kingston Ontario where I ended up working part time at a great ski shop named Sepps. It’s there that I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mike Howard, the current owner and master boot fitter.

After my time in Kingston, I ended up back in Toronto looking for work in an increasingly tough job market. In 1992, I ended up managing the Alpine Ski Department at Sporting Life for the next two years and eventually managing the Hard Goods Division for the next five years. Eventually I landedupstairs’ as a Hard Good buyers assistant which lasted for approximately two years. I was then approached to help the Corporate Training Manager at the time to help coordinate the staff and management training at the various store locations. Thank you so much Dave, Jerry, Ross, Paul and Carm for believing in me.

It was then that Salomon Canada came calling to see if I might be interested in joining their team in managing the Alpine and Nordic business in Ontario.

In 2001, I began work asin house’ Sales and Marketing, Territory Manager for the Salomon Brand. From 2004 through to 2007, I was the Regional Sales Manager for Ontario. In 2007, after Amer Sports bought Salomon from adidas, I was offered an Agents Contract with the Brand and began my own Agency, Push Sales.

Over the past nine years with the Salomon Brand, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the finest people on the supplier side of the industry. Through some fairly significant and challenging times, the Brand persevered and has become one of the most relevant Mountain Sports Brands in the industry today. Thank you Mr. Maroux for all of your support over the years.

Today, after two very successful years, Push Sales Agency now specializes and focuses on driving sales through professional consulting, innovative products that compliment one another, and top level customer service. Recently, Push was appointed representation for I/O Bio Merino and Salomon Sock line of products in Ontario. Our goal is to marry respective and complimentary lines to further Push Sales and drive business through our existing customer base. Push Sales will continue to expand where and when it makes the most sense.

I’d like thank everyone who has helped me along the way!