SIA Newsletter

Dustin Adams

I have been involved in the snow and skate industry for almost as long as I can remember. It all started working on the floor for Doug and Jim at Pacesetter Ski and Snow in Edmonton, AB. I worked there for almost 7 seasons as I went through high school and worked my way through college. Working retail and talking to such a diverse range of customers definitely gave me the base that I needed for the sales industry. After I finished school, I got a job working at BMG Sports doing logistics and customer service for them, though that position was relatively short lived.

My first step into the rep industry came with an opportunity to work for Spy Optic. I spent 3 years working with GB as a sub rep handling all of Northern Alberta. Spy gave me the servicing skills needed to make a successful business; it’s all about count and fill. Six months into my gig with Spy I got a call from Pierre Tasse at Northwave and Drake, they were looking for a new Alberta Rep. I decided to start up with them and have been ever since. The next line to come my way was Voleurz Clothing, this relationship happened almost by chance. Mike Meyer got me in contact with Darren Rayner (one of three owners) and we had a very professional breakfast business meeting. Breakfast went well and I’ve been repping and helping with designs at Voleurz ever since.

I focused mainly on these three brands for a year before getting a phone call from Jeff Funk, my former boss at BMG Sports, with an opportunity to rep TSG Helmets for Northern Alberta. In December 2009, my territory expanded with Drake and Northwave and I took over the BC territory as well. It was then time for some more help so I hired Jordan Hall to help me with the snow side of my business. Around this same time I also got contacted by Michel at VR2 distribution, which was bringing a new outerwear line to Canada, Eleven Outerwear. Working with Eleven gave me full offering for my snow customers and I hit the road.

While setting up for the Trends Trade Show in March 2010, I got a phone call that changed my whole business dynamic. I was offered the Western Canadian Territory for Globe Shoes and Dwindle Skateboards. This was my opportunity to be fully independent; my time with Spy was over. Since May 2010, I have been working solely for myself with Globe Shoes, Dwindle Skateboards, Drake/Northwave Snowboards, Voleurz Clothing, Eleven Outerwear, and TSG Helmets. My territories vary quite a bit between brands, though they spread from Victoria to Winnepeg, I spend a lot of time on the road.

I think the majority of my success comes from the service I offer to customers and doing my absolute best to be reliable. I answer my phone, reply to my emails, and if I say I’m going to do something for someone I make sure that it gets done. I have always had a lot of passion for this industry and all the sports that come with it. I love my job and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Thanks for all the support from my retailers, it feels really good to know you value my service.