SIA Newsletter

Empire Sports, Inc. | Ste Julie, Quebec

A quickly established influential power geared towards a demanding target clientele has given Empire the impetus needed to develop in a potential market while using the high quality of its products and services to rapidly climb the ranks to a dominant position.
Respectful customer service and aggressive public relations have led to what is now a solid reputation for the Empire team with the successive opening of three new branches in the greater metropolitan area, thus providing the best specialized inventory selection inQuebec and in Canada.

Empire Sports’ MissionTo maintain a dominant and leading position as a specialized retailer of skateboard and snowboard products as well as associated fashion products.

To support the talent of amateurs and professionals representing these sports across Quebec and abroad.
Educate and instill values to our clientele in an attempt to convey a lifestyle we do value and strive to represent.
Owner: Pat Byarelle
Empire Sports, Inc.