SIA Newsletter

Garett Halayko

My love of snowboarding is the ultimate reason why I’m a rep in the first place. It has taken me to amazing places and introduced me to all of my friends. Like most I had dreams to be sponsored but quickly realized it would never pan out. My focus then turned to the other side, the industry. My resume includes McDonald’s to save up for my first season, rental tech, park crew, bussing tables, serving, tech rep. in-house rep, and independent sales rep. My dream through it all was to run my own business repping lines I believe in. Achieving your goal is a very satisfying thing to say the least.


Being named the SIA Rep of the Year for BC means the world to me. This territory has arguably the deepest pool of talented reps out there. I’m lucky to call many of them my friends. In the agency I work with my wonderfully supportive wife Mara and my best friend Macros who are both a huge reason for this recognition