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Glen Morris

I grew up in Western Mass and started snowboarding in 1984 when my dad bought my first board  (Burton Performer Elite 150) after seeing an ad in Thrasher Mag.  I’ve been snowboarding ever since.

I worked in ski shops throughout high school and college.  In the early 90’s I moved to Texas to attend TCU.  Upon arrival, I landed a job at Maverick Ski and Sports in Arlington as their “snowboard guy”.  Over the years, Maverick taught me great retail, buying and management skills that would lay the groundwork for my future career as a sales rep.

With a BS degree in hand, I was moving back home.  I was packing my apartment when Todd Larsen, the Burton rep, called and asked if I wanted to help him out.   So of course, I did.

The first company to hire me on as a principal rep was K2 Snowboards. It was a great time in the industry.  I spent over 12 years with K2 and met great friends and mentors that last to this day.

In 2008, Burton called.  Since then, I’ve been able to expand my agency.  With Burton’s help along with my crew, Justin and Brian, we are taking our service to the next level.

My dealers deserve the biggest thanks for their support and friendship throughout the years.   Without them, none of this is possible.


I feel lucky to be recognized for doing what I love.  I’m very grateful for my dealers and relationships within this industry.  Thanks for the support.

Lines Represented:

Burton Snowboards

Anon Optics



Liquid Force Wakeboards

CHUMS/Beyond Coastal

Glen Morris

Earn Turns LLC

155 Bear Path Trail

Fort Worth, TX  76126

817 291 0555