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Inverness Ski Shop | Waitsfield, VT

Well, once upon a time there was a boy and a girl and they worked in one of the largest ski shops in the DC Metro Area. He was a ski shop mechanic by day, running around to local ski races, and heading north and out west every chance he could, and she was a silly blonde following him there. The boy eventually left the ski shop and went out on the road as a sales rep for ski, board and accessories manufacturers, and the silly blond followed him all over the East Coast while he was selling his wares. She became an accessories buyer in her spare time at the shop.

One day in October of 1996, Jen saw an ad in a Ski Tech magazine with a ski shop for sale in the Mad River Valley, Vermont. With a good business plan, and a Business Partner/Uncle Bob, Bill and Jen were in Vermont and had bought Inverness Ski Shop by December 6 of that same year! With their backgrounds in retail and in racing, they made Inverness Ski Shop their own by bringing in top manufacturers, a huge selection of goods,and the knowledge to back it up. Bill and Jen bought out their partner/Uncle that spring, bought the building, and got married, making Inverness Ski Shop a true Mom and Pop Shop.

In 2000, with the birth of their son Ben and in 2003 along came Greta, the Mom and Pop Shop was REALLY a Mom and Pop Shop. On any given day you could have seen Jen behind the counter with a baby in a backpack, but now proud to say both Ben and Greta rip it up every weekend at .

What? A Snowboard Shop? Bill and Jen don’t snowboard, but they saw the need for a cool board shop in the Mad River Valley. In 2003, Bill and Jen hired a bunch of snowboarders, gave them some spray paint, a hammer, some nails, and let them pick out a bunch of cool merchandise to sell. Bill and Jen let them do their own thing, because Bill and Jen don’t really get it. Apparently it is a cool place to hang.

Celebrating 10 years in 2006, Bill and Jen and the Inverness Ski Shop staff decided to bring their great selection of gear and knowledge to the World Wide Web and along came There is always someone around to answer a question, help find a warm outfit and chat about skiing. Unless it is a powder day of course, then you will find one grumpy employee who might be in a bad mood, but still help you with whatever is needed, even if their buddies are all at the mountain having fun without them.