SIA Newsletter

Jane Levangie

My husband, Mike Levangie, and I have an agency, Eikon Marketing, servicing the 4 provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

I left the public sector to apply my skills to the free market with Eikon Marketing in the year 2000 when my husband asked me to take a leave from my previous profession, education, and join him in his business.

I have been very fortunate in both my past and present profession to work with positive, motivating, and talented people. I have always said that everything that I did up to this day has prepared me to be where I am today! I enjoyed the role of classroom teacher, guidance counsellor, supervisor of curriculum for the school board, vice principal and finally principal of a school. I embrace change and constantly look for new challenges. Working with a diversity of companies in our agency provides many challenges and new opportunities. We live in an exciting time. I enjoy working with my retail partners, helping them build their business and creatively problem solving daily issues. It is the new relationships in my career that have made this profession truly enjoyable.

Presently, I represent The North Face and Sugoi.

I would like to thank the dealers that have submitted my name for this honor. I will work diligently throughout the 2010 year to live up to your vote of confidence in me.