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Jason Hilton

Line: Ride Snowboards

My name is Jason Hilton, born in 70’s in the Kootenays, BC, grew up in Alberta where I spent a lot of my time in the Banff area. Started snowboarding at the tender age of 14 and bought my first board in 84. Worked for Powersix snowboards back in the late 80’s as well as Westbeach and The Source in Calgary. Moved to BC in the 90’s where I spent some time in whistler but made Vancouver my home. Worked retail and at local mountains until I got my first rep gig doing Solomon demos. I eventually started working with brands like quicksilver and diesel where I got my feet wet in fashion. In 2000 I started my own rep agency and worked with shit loads of brands before getting really deep into the hardgood brands like Burton and then Finally Ride which I’ve been with for just over 7 years now.

I still have a strict 5cm rule at my office and am still passionate about skating, snowboarding and surfing now at 38 as I was at 14. The reason for the longevity in this business is the family like relationship with my dealers, all of which are always welcome to call my couch their home. Huge thanks goes out to my boy Myrosha Daily, my right hand man at JRH Agency and my uncle jacket who worked at sunshine village and let me know about the lifestyle that resides within the snowboard business world.