SIA Newsletter

Jason Wutke – Aldergrove, BC

I came from humble beginnings, more destined to have a desk job and work in an accounting department than spend my days in the great outdoors. But I had to follow my dreams, and when Dan Shepansky offered me a rep gig with K2 in 2000, I jumped at the chance. Twelve years later, I’m still in the game Going to the mat and working hard for my money.

My first year was all about visiting shops and doing demo after demo and PK after PK, sleeping on couches and in my car. I now represent K2 Skis, K2 Snowboards, Madshus, Tubbs snowshoes and Atlas snowshoes.

I like the excitement and ultimate personal fulfillment of working until 2 a.m. typing emails, then waking up at 5 a.m. to drive to a demo. I enjoy the thrill of making sales and talking to anyone who will listen.

I wouldn’t be the rep I am today without the gentle mentorship of Dan Shepansky and Louis Boudreault. I’d like to thank both of them for helping me take repping to the next level. I still do everything from my first year and more, although I don’t sleep in my car as much.

I also wouldn’t be here today without the assistance of my lovely wife, Shelly, who keeps our four permanent interns in line so I can get out there and do the job I love to do.


I’ve never been bored I don’t have time.

It means a lot to me to be selected as rep of the year. It’s nice to be recognized when you do a good job. I really enjoy working with my customers and all the great people at K2.  Although it’s busy and hectic, we all seem to find time to have fun.

What I like most about my job are the 6 a.m. uploads for Super Demo Days, then the demo gets cancelled due to high wind and everyone gets a day of shredding!