SIA Newsletter

Jay Woon

Agency: Westernfront Sales

Brands Represented: Technine, Section Outerwear, NOMIS Design, Celsius Snowboard Footwear, Grenade, Alycium, Demon Snow Accessories, Atticus Clothing, Macbeth Footwear

“I have been involved in the Snowboard industry for the last 9 -10 years. My start was a Tech Rep for Limited Snowboards and Blonde Outerwear, and then went to work as a Tech Rep for Option Snowboards and NFA Clothing. After doing the Option/NFA thing for 6 years I went out on my own and started with just a few lines. Over the past 3 -4 years I have been building my agency based on customer service and how would I want to be dealt with if I was on the other side of the equation.”

“This season has been a great one and the shops have really embraced my agency and they way we go about our daily business routine.”

“I would like to thank all the shops that support us throughout our territory, and a thank you to all of the brands we represent. A special thanks to my family, Flynn, Adam Elliott, and all those that believe in what we have to offer, both product and service. “