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John Kerkhof (Nordica USA)

John Kerkhof is an Independent Sales Representative in the Great Lakes Region, who is partnered with his wife Karen, with a focus towards the Winter Sports sector. John fell in love with winter, and skiing as a boy growing up in Northern Michigan and followed this passion into his professional life. He started out in the retail side of the business as a “waxer” in the back shop of a resort store, and finished with becoming the Manager and Buyer for another local ski shop, which gives him a key insight into the needs of his dealers. From there, the allure of becoming a Rep beckoned and John signed on as a Tech Rep for Nordica USA; and the rest is history as the saying goes. The one principal he strives to maintain in his business is a “win-win” strategy for his Clients and Vendors alike which has afforded him many successes over his career. Today John continues to love winter, and skiing while spending time with his family on the same slopes he learned to ski on.Enter Text Here