SIA Newsletter

John Whitcomb

I grew up in the Ford Sayre ski program in Hanover NH.  During High School I raced for Hanover High & Franconia Ski Club.   I also worked very part time with Jack Henderson at Carroll Reed Ski Shop, now owner of Henderson Ski Systems in Quechee VT – his laughter and spirit got me energized about the ski business.  I skied at the University of NH, graduated from the Whittemore School of Business.  Got my first Tech Rep job right after college in 1989 with Nordica.  In 1992, I took a sales Rep Job with Marker USA.  Then in ’99 Bill Nicoll hired Scott Dawson & myself to sell K2 in New England.  Scott & I formed Stoneface Sales Agency and have been working together since.   We currently sell K2 Skis & Snowboards, Hot Chillys, BCA, Eider and Electric.  I’ve worked hard over the years but I appreciate all the opportunities given to me by so many great people.

I’m pretty proud of the recognition & am excited to share it with the people I work with.  In my case this award should be called “agency of the year” because I honestly have to give the credit to my business partner Scott Dawson and our sales team.  They are the hardest working people in the industry but have a knack of making it look easy & fun, something people want to be a part of!

I think for us, it means we can keep our heads high and trust we are accomplishing our agency’s mission statement; which includes making extraordinarily service the ordinary and creating deep, lasting relationships with our customers and the companies we represent.

What I most enjoy about my work… simple answer – I love to ski!

Also, it’s the people I get to interact with every day, including the people at the companies I represent and my customers, the specialty Ski Retailers of New England.  New Englanders are hearty people but in order to last in this business, at least in NE you need to have thick skin and a real passion for our sport.  Our retailers have both and I admire that.  It’s not an easy living, so many factors affect our livelihood but in the end, we are selling fun…  not a bad thing to wake up & do every day.

56 Liberty St

Newburyport, Ma 01950