SIA Newsletter

Josh Hoyer

I grew up skiing competitively in Colorado in the rocky mountain division of the USSA as a mogul/freestyle skier. I stopped mogul competitions and began competing in big mountain events, half pipe, slope style, big air events in the mid 90’s as a sponsored athlete. I did that into early 2000.From there I took a few various internet jobs for companies that no longer exist, and

In 2001, en route to a skateboard contest in Seattle, Washington called the Sound and the Fury that the skateboard division of Athletic motion had sponsored, I met Eric Warble from Oakley in Western Colorado who was en route to go heli skiing in Alaska. We had several mutual friends but had never met one another. We had a short chat on the jet way out to the airplane and to make a long story short, he ended up offering me a job as his sub rep based out of Vail, Colorado. I accepted the position and moved to Vail in September of 2001 to assist him with his business in Western Colorado. I jumped in and worked my ass off! I was fortunate enough to have Warble as my mentor in rep 101. Eric has been with Oakley for 15 years and in my opinion is one of the best sales reps in this industry as well as one of my best friends!

Six months into my job with Warble, the territory in Northern California opened. The sales manager, Tom Faukner that managed Colorado was also the sales manager for the Northern California area. He called Eric to let him know he wanted to hire me for the job and Eric was cool enough to allow me the opportunity! That was in January of 2002.

Fast forward to almost eight years later and here I am! I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work for such a great company like Oakley. My job gets better every year! The people that make up our brand are amazing!

I am currently representing Oakley for all categories accept for, RX, Motocross and Golf. As of Oct 1, I agreed to take on a new division within Oakley known as the Icon Sports Division, which consists of Arnette, Ray Ban, Revo and Fox Eyewear. I will be representing Oakley in addition to all of these brands going forward.