SIA Newsletter

McCoo’s | Whistler, BC

Our fearless leaders, George McConkey and Jeff Coombs, came up with the concept for a little ski and snowboard accessory store in Whistler when they were working together in Vancouver managing one of the first sport “megastores” on the West Coast.

This year will mark the 22nd year of McCoo’s being in business. Their dream was realized in time for the World Cup weekend in March 1988 and opened with the windows being installed as the inventory was put on the shelves.

I believe that a lot of our success at McCoo’s has been based on two things. Firstly, we have always maintained focus on the original plan while being able to adapt within that plan to address changes in the demographics of our unique market. Secondly, we have always maintained one of the best groups of staff in Whistler and have strived to continuously treat them with respect. Our staff is one of the most important variables; enabling us to compete in this very unusual and competitive Whistler market.

McCoo’s is owned and operated daily by our hands-on management group that we believe has been instrumental in our success by familiarization with our returning clientele. We continue to be passionate of our sport and our success has been based on that enthusiasm!