SIA Newsletter

Mike Rosen (K2/ Morrow/ Atlas/ Yakima)

Mike started in the Ski industry fresh out of college working for Spyder in the Boulder office. He then moved to Tahoe taking a job with Hart and Reusch. After a short stint, Mike went to work for Nordica. He worked with Nordica for over six years moving from Nor Cal back to Colorado and then North West. In July 1999, Mike moved back to Tahoe to cover Nor Cal for K2 skis.

He now handles K2 ski, snowboard and skate as well as Atlas and Morrow which are owned by K2. Mike also represents Yakima. As Mike took on more lines he formed his agency LivinTheDream Inc. He now has three reps working for him – John Lyons, Rob Furtney and Jim Linnberg.

Mike is married (wife Amy) and has two boys Xander almost 3 and Seth 7 months.

“At this point in my career I feel very fortunate to have two great companies to represent K2 and Yakima and to have such a great team working with me at LivinTheDream.”