SIA Newsletter


Milosport was started in 1984 by Dimitri MIlovich, one of the pioneers of snowboarding.  His innovation and passion for the sport helped put Milosport on the map.  Pretty cool that this year we celebrated our 30th anniversary.  #THIRTYYEARSSTRONG.

In 1995, with the help of Josh Roberts, Benny Pelligino, and George Johnston, Milosport was reestablished as THE premier snowboard shop in the Rockies.  As Salt Lake’s Original Snowboard Shop, we have had the chance to meet a lot of great people in the snowboarding world, and would be where we are without great relationships.  With a pro team that rivals that of many brands, and with carrying the best brands in the industry, we are stoked to continue to engage our customers, move snowboarding forward, and help people have a great time!

Milo is stoked to be a part of the SIA show, and to be recognized for our efforts.  None of this is possible without our amazing Staff and Team, and great our relationships with amazing industry people!  STOKED!!  NOW #GOSNOWBOARDING!