SIA Newsletter

Nicholas Pachmayer (Nordica/ Kombi/Uvex/ Select Sport Bags)

Nick’s history spans almost 20 years of involvement within the ski business. His initial start came from his family’s retail ski shops in Wisconsin and his participation within the industry slowly graduated from there. Nick’s first jobs at retail were initially in the tuning and mounting shop during high school and he slowly began working up to the sales floor and other retail duties over the years, assisting his parents with many aspects of a family run ski business. Upon graduation from college in 1992, Nick was hired on as the Midwest Sales Associate for the Rossignol Ski Company and remained there until he had the opportunity to join the Salomon Race/Promotions Department. For Nick both were priceless experiences with involvement on both “sides” of the business, in retail/outside sales and in marketing/race & promotions from the grass roots level and up.

Subsequently in late 1998, another opportunity presented itself to see a new aspect of the ski business, as an independent sales rep. That year Nick formed his independent group, which brings us to the present. Nick represents the “A” list of companies in the ski business; Nordica USA, Kombi Gloves, Uvex Sports and Select Sport Bags.

Nick’s group was formed and continues to run with the following mission statement and focus:

“To provide the highest quality alpine ski and sporting goods to the specialty ski and general sporting goods outlets. To maintain, grow and establish new avenues of business and relationships. To provide the highest levels of service, energy and enthusiasm to the products all while maintaining an unparalleled level of professionalism.”

“That mission statement and focus have driven my business day in and day out and I trust that my enthusiasm and passion for this business shows through in everything that I do. I believe in offering the best products and service in the business.”