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Out Of Bounds Ski & Snowboard | Edmonton, AB

Out Of Bounds Ski & Snowboard is a professional ski & snowboard shop servicing Edmonton, Alberta and far beyond. With over 20 years of experience, we have a reputation for our extensive knowledge and unmatched tuning skills. Although our history includes service for top athletes, Out Of Bounds considers ourselves a family-oriented shop.

Walk into Out Of Bounds and you’ll first notice that familiar smell of wax. Follow that smell to the back of the store to discover our pride and joy — the full-service tuning shop. Simply put, if Out Of Bounds can’t fix it then it can’t be fixed!

Keep walking and you’ll soon discover that Out Of Bounds has built relationships with a long list of premier brands. We treasure the history of classic ski companies, while staying stoked on the latest snowboard innovations.

On your journey through the store, you’ll no doubt discover the secret of any good business — great staff. Out Of Bounds staff is made up of skiers, snowboarders, ex-racers and instructors…all having a passion for being on the snow.