SIA Newsletter

Peter Glenn* | Atlanta, GA

Fifty years ago this year, 1958….Ned Hamilton tried to talk the local sporting goods dealer in Montpelier, VT to stock better ski clothing and equipment for the students in his ski classes at Vermont College. He even offered to help him with his buying and to train his salespeople, but the store management told him that this sport of skiing was just a fad, and he did not want to take the chance.
The result of this discussion was that Ned set out for Hanover to Dartmouth Skis and Transcontinental Ski Co. to buy some ski equipment to fill the basement of his Oxford Shop. Wanting the ski department to be distinct from the clothing, he named it Peter Glenn after his then one year old son’s first and middle name.
The small shop was enthusiastically received, not only by his students, but by the local communities as well, and he was asked to operate the ski shop concessions at Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Bolton Valley, Burke Mountain, and several other Vermont locations.
In 1975, while vacationing in Florida at the end of the season, Ned became convinced that there was a potential market in a state which had several million people, but no ski shop. He persuaded a local banker to give him a line of credit to open a small shop in Boca Raton.
There are now 13 Peter Glenn shops in Florida, and a total of 20 all together. All locations are operated on the same small specialty shop image that was started in the basement 50 years ago. Both his son Peter and daughter Lori joined the company upon graduation from UVM.
*also won 2006.07 SIA US SnowSports Retailer of the Year