SIA Newsletter

Propaganda Shop – Prince Albert, SK

Propaganda is a rider owned and operated pair of stores in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Our focus is: snowboards, skateboards, clothing, footwear & accessories. The owner, Adam Balon, was a pro snowboarder through the late 90’s and 2000’s, while picking up a few shifts at a snowboard shop in Calgary. While home for Christmas in 2004 Adam realized there was a hole in the marketplace. Industry icons like Burton were not in any retailers and the emergence of a ton of great rider owned brands made it a no brainer. Adam scraped together 13k and 8 years later Propaganda is a strong part of both the snow and skate communities, while at the same time representing brands in their most true form.


It’s an honor. Long before I owned a shop I was a part of SIA for years, helping the brands I rode for setup, market and build their companies from the ground up. I always have loved SIA and it has become a valuable component to our winter buying program. The most rewarding part of my job and our brand is watching all of the amazing kids in our community grow up while experiencing our shops, our ski hill, the skatepark, events and hopefully influence them to do what they love and follow their aspirations and dreams. There is a bond there that far surpasses what my competitors can offer.

-Adam Balon