SIA Newsletter

Rob Haggerty (Elan Skis/ Dalbello Ski Boots/ Leki ski poles/ Boeri Helmets/ Hotronic Footwarmers)

Rob got into the ski business by first working part time in a specialty ski shop in Rochester, New York (The Ski Loft) during High School and College, and than managing the shop after graduation. Through contacts in the industry he received his first job as a rep selling cross-country skis for Karhu. A few years later Rob went to work for Elan Ski Company and still currently sells Elan today. Dalbello ski boots, Barrecrafters ski racks, Hotronic, Boeri helmets, and Leki poles were all added over the years.

Rob’s inspiration has come from the relationships formed over the years with his customers and suppliers. He feels that both retailers and suppliers should expect a high level of service from their reps, and he has tried to live up to this. Rob has also derived a great deal of personal satisfaction from the sport of skiing. He has remained very active in the sport over the years and now has the pleasure of watching his family enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Rob also serves as a board member and president of a small ski area, and has enjoyed getting to know and understand the inner workings of the resort end of the business.

“I owe my success and longevity in the ski industry to many who have supported, encouraged and gave me the inspiration to get into the business, and still be in the ski industry today, a business I truly love. None of this would be possible without the support of all the retailers and resorts I have worked with over the years. Many of these relationships go way back to when I started in the business and continue on today. In the end our customers makes it all possible, and deserve the highest level of service and support possible from our industry.

I am honored to receive the Mid-Atlantic rep of the year award from the SIA, and thank all my customers and suppliers who have made this award possible!”

Rob Haggerty