SIA Newsletter

Rob McLennand

I found snowboarding in the back of BMX mag back in the ’80s. Tim Farmer at S&W in Concord, NH helped me pick the perfect stick _A Sims Ultimate 1700 swallowtail. Wish I still had it! While that monster of a board was a bit much, I was hooked. I worked at ski areas to support the habit and as soon as I graduated from college I went for my tour of duty out in Coloradical at Vail. While out there I made a bunch of friends and learned a lot about the industry working in shops and as an instructor. In February of 1993, I had an unexpected exit from Vail with a broken tib/fib. The steel rod still sets off the alarm at the airport. While recuperating back home in NH, I got roped into schlepping some gear for some of my friends out in Colorado. A transition job has now spanned 18 + years and I still love it.

My first trade show was in the spring of 1994 and I am not even sure what I was selling but what I do remember is picking up Nidecker and N-Boots. I think I was working for Kevin Stabb and 90 clothing at the time. I ended up working for N-boot which turned into Northwave in the mid-Atlantic territory for 11 years. Thanks Gumby and Yo!

The opportunity that took me away from the fabulous C-3 crew is my current position at Ride Snowboards. Chuck Mason pulled me away from wonderful Saratoga Springs, NY and back home to New England; thanks for believing in me Chuck! The opportunity to work for such a legendary brand back home in New England was too good to let go. I have been with the Ride family for the past six fast moving years.

While the past few years have been quite of a challenge for me and my retail partners, the relationships built are worth the long hours put in. Thank you for acknowledging all the work and hope I can continue to help you lead fun profitable business for years to come. I also wish to thank all my friends I have made throughout the years for their passion for board sports and my family for their understanding and support.

Rob currently works with Ride Snowboards, POW gloves, Siege audio and CiLLA.