SIA Newsletter

Satellite Boardshop – Boulder, CO

Satellite Boardshop opened in 2002 by JG Mazzotta and Raul Pinto to cater to the largely growing skateboard and snowboard cultures. Shortly after in 2005 Installation Shoe Gallery opened to cater to a growing sneaker collector population. Both shops, now 11 and 8 years old respectively, have become staples of not only Boulder, but also Colorado and the national stage of small retailers in core action sports and boutique retail. On the web both shops have their own websites with solid followings and share a blog site named “Installite,” that the community at large can find out about products, events, and statewide happenings. Both shops have always been situated in less than desirable locations and while many customers have always supported the shops, the time has come to give the shops a better stage to sit on. They have always been a destination, and with a better, more prominent location, we hope to facilitate our number one goal, “customer service”. Satellite provides snowboard and ski tuning and service, boot fitting and serves as a safe haven for boulders youth as a safe place to hang out. We opened up our new flagship store at 2835 Pearl St. Suite D in Boulder at the beginning of 2013and are excited on what the new space and future will bring.