SIA Newsletter

Ski Center | Washington, DC

Our story goes back over 75 years to when our founder, Adam Kahane, was a youngster in Europe who fell in love with skiing. In 1959, Adam and his wife Gertrude opened Ski Center. It was a time of lace-up leather boots, wooden skis, beartrap bindings, and the Head Standard was king of the slopes. Things have changed a lot, but our love of skiing is just as strong.

Salespeople were taught that if you don’t have the right merchandise for a customer, you don’t sell them anything. At Ski Center we sell skiing first and products second and believe that satisfied customers are more important than sales. These are the ideals that our store was built on, and we think they’re just as relevant today as they were over 50 years ago.

Many of our managers and full-time staff have been at Ski Center for several decades. Our equipment buyer, Brian Eardley, has been here for over 30 years and has been recognized by Ski Magazine as one of the nation’s top boot fitters. In addition we have several other managers and full-time staff that have been here for decades, as well as a multitude of young, enthusiastic skiers and boarders. All of our new hires are extensively trained in both product knowledge and our views on what makes the ski industry great and how we can pass that passion on to our customers. This blend of youth, enthusiasm, experience, and technical knowledge is what keeps us on the forefront of the winter sports industry. We look forward to sharing our love of winter sports with our customers for years to come!