SIA Newsletter

Snowboard Connection – Seattle, WA

Enjoying our 24th year of business, Snowboard Connection’s goal has been the same from the beginning: to get you outside and having fun, on quality gear at a price you can afford. SnoCon opened in October 1990 in a 1,000 square foot space in Seattle, Washington. It was John, his new bride Lisa, and their one employee, Karl. That first year SnoCon sold brands like Barfoot, Heavy Tools, MBoo, Avalanche, Powderstick, and Storm. Those brands have gone away, and now you’ll find BurtonVolcom,Nike,32, Jones and dozens more – and those aren’t even the Local brands!Lib Tech,Capita,K2RideGnuUnionCoal, and Spacecraft are all based in Seattle and we enjoy a great friendship with all of them. Add mountains likeStevens PassAlpentalCrystal Mountain and the legendary Mt. Baker, along with year-round riding at Mt. Hood, and you’ll find an experienced, knowledgeable staff that is STOKED to be working here, and HAPPY to serve you. A second store in Bellevue, WA and a glitch-free website offer more ways to get our special service to more participants. 

We’re fortunate to recieve awards from our peers, and as awesome as that is, it’s still more important that we impress and satisfy every customer – the people that trust us to steer them to the right decisions. We respect every dollar and every hour people spend with us, and we work hard to make sure they leave satisfied.

It’s the same formula as ever: work hard and stay focused on providing the best service and selection. It’s also important to be flexible and treat each situation and each customer as a unique puzzle, and to solve the puzzle in a cheerful manner. That’s how we approach it, and if sometimes we don’t succeed, we learn from our mistakes.

Twenty-four years is a long time to be in business, and that time brings with it a momentum that is difficult to characterize. One thing you’ll always find in stock – stories! From someone’s&nb