SIA Newsletter

St. Bernard Sports – Dallas, TX

St. Bernard Sports was founded in 1978 by its current owners, Wes and Anne Goyer. At the time there were 19 places to buy ski gear in Dallas. There are far fewer today.

The company has had many locations and its share of miscues, but now is settled with a large store (22,000 sq. ft.) in Dallas, a warehouse, an Outlet and a store in Austin. Our most aggressive profit center is our E-Commerce site which is finally proving to be self _sustaining, something we were not able to do with our failed Catalog business.

Our goal has been to give Mountain Shop assortments to our local customers. We have carried our major ski lines for all of our 34 years. We are committed to offering the best merchandise in the SKI industry while we are growing a strong off-season in sportswear and footwear.

We have assembled the large buying team needed for so many categories and working hard to improve sell-throughs. Our customers have rewarded us with consistent growth and we are excited about the future.


The ski business has been fun and challenging. The best and the toughest part of the business is assembling and keeping the people who can grow and contribute as the company grows.

For twenty-nine years we didn’t need an IT guy. Now we have to have good one. 

When we started Anne bought everything. Now we have seven buyers.