SIA Newsletter

Stephan Dargis

It all started for me in March 1984.

     But before that  a was finishing university and working as  part time  in a ski shop call Andre Jac sports.

     At that time the agency you was doing Atomic Gilles Simard was looking for sub rep to represented all is other line and he decided to choose me.

     I was so excited 

     I was 21 years old at that time

     What a great challenge for me.

     In 1988 Gilles Simard decided to pursuit a other carrier and a that time Atomic Austria decide to open is own subsidiary.

    Monte crouch who was name the president of the company at that time decided to hire me.

   From 1988 to 1995 the company went true a lot internal change.

   And in 1995 Amer Finland bought Atomic worldwide.

  Since 1995 to today Amer still own  Atomic and l am so great full to work for such great organization like this.

What it means for me to  be name rep of the year.

    30 years of hard working plus working with great people  and working for the best ski brand in the world 

    The other thing that a enjoy the most of my job is the interaction beetween me and my dealer

    Plus the freedom that a got and the summer off

 That what l enjoy the most of my job.