SIA Newsletter

Suzie Parnell

My husband and I started our Rep Group in 1978, the same year we got married.  At that time we lived in Florida.   We started out with outdoor brands, then crossed over into snow sports.  Being a Florida girl, I fell in love with snow and snow skiing.  It was the beginning of a very long and fulfilling journey, that we are happy to say, is still evolving.

We relocated to North Carolina in the early 1980’s, which was more central to the territory and closer to snow. We traveled for many years in a motorhome which allowed us to stay on the road for longer periods.  We began meeting our customers, many of whom are still customers and good friends today.  By focusing our attention on a smaller community and geographical territory we felt we could service our dealers in the manner we thought would be best, by more frequent visits.  My husband Jim and I are a Team.  Our roles have evolved throughout the years; bu t, we get the job done for our customers and brands to the best of our ability together, as a Team.

We believe it is important to work with brands who mirror our integrity and have impeccable quality and performance.  It is exciting to have been with Spyder for over 25 years.  Most recently we are pleased to have added Polarmax USA and All Terrain.  It is fun to work for companies who become like family and strive to be the best they can be.  Everyone we work with is very supportive, making our job easier.

By the way, Charlee, our Irish Water Spaniel, is still with us keeping our attitudes positive and in check which, is easy, since we have been blessed with Snow and cold weather the last two seasons.

The people are my most favorite part of the job, and what keeps us motivated to always be at our best.  We have met so many incredible people through the years; including customers, reps and company staff.  It is interesting and fun to keep in touch to see what paths we have all taken.  A Big thanks to all who continue to support us in our “Magical Mystery Tour” through life.