SIA Newsletter

The Source – Calgary, AB

With our roots firmly entrenched in Alberta’s snowboarding and skateboarding heritage, The Source has been built from the bottom up on core values since its inception in 1992 to become the number one Skateboard and Snowboard shop in Alberta and one of Canada’s premiere retailers. We always knew snowboarding would be big from the early days of selling a couple boards to now selling thousands of boards a season. It’s been a great ride!

We love snowboarding, skateboarding, streetwear fashion, accessories and throwing the most ridiculous parties. If these things interest you, well, then chances are that we love you too.


It’s nice to be recognized after 20 years in business, dedicated to everything good about snowboarding. It shows our passion for the sport is paying off. In the end we love to ride and our mangers and staff love to ride.