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Tobey Crane

I grew up in Maine, skiing the Camden Snowbowl and Sugarloaf before driving out west in the early 70’s, skiing all over, and falling in love with Sun Valley. We moved to Sun Valley in 1975 and I got my first taste of the ski business in 1979, when I started working locally with PRE skis, first tuning and hosting on-snow demos at Sun Valley, and then traveling to industry demos around the West. One of the PRE sales reps made me his on-hill rep at Sun Valley, and a couple of years later I moved into a sales position with that company in the Intermountain territory (UT/ID/MT/WY). In the mid-80’s I enjoyed a brief stint with Dynamic skis and an accessory line or two, but then Volkl skis came along in 1992, and I’ve been with them ever since. In the late 90’s Marker bindings became part of the quiver, and I’ve been with the Volkl/Marker brands to this day. I’ve been enjoying working with the best products, best rep force, and best management team in the business. In 2003, I stepped away from Utah to concentrate on the 3 Northern Intermountain states…ID/MT/WY, and I’ve been enjoying traveling & selling in portions of just these 3 states exclusively, since that time.

My current lines are:

Volkl Skis,

Marker Bindings, Helmets & Goggles,

Sports Accessories America

Athalon Luggage

It’s an honor to be recognized by the retailers who I’ve been working with all these years. Keeping everyone (retailers, vendors, family, etc) happy is key to this job, and a vote of confidence from these ID/MT/WY retailers is truly rewarding. Reducing my territory to what it is now, a very rural region filled with great mountains and rivers, has made it possible for me to manage everything myself. This allows time to travel shop to shop throughout the season, testing new gear with owners, buyers and employees, helping make their buying decisions that much easier, and having fun along the way. A big spiff of my job is the view of the top of Sun Valley’s Bald MT from my home/office window. A lot of key decisions are made from that seat. Decisions like…to go or not to go…hmmmm.

Tobey Crane

PO Box 1823

Ketchum, ID  83340

(208)726-3551 w

(208)309-2886 c