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Bring A Friend’s New Ambassador Program Motivates Many New Participants and Names Illinois Skier Scott Kolts Ambassador of the Year

Steamboat - Scott, Alex, LaNeeScott Kolts of Dahlgren, IL was named Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend Ambassador of the Year in a new program that is part of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and the Bring a Friend Challenge.

The Ambassador program is part of the snow sports industry’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard/Bring a Friend (LSSM/BAF) Initiative. The goal is to motivate those already involved in the sports to encourage and help newcomers sign up for lessons from professional instructors. To become an Ambassador, current participants are asked to help at least three newcomers sign up for beginner lessons and register them through the national Bring a Friend Challenge.

Kolts brought a total of 15 people to sign up for beginner lessons, including his 8 year old daughter Alex. “She told me she wanted to learn to ski,” he said, “I hadn’t been for several years, and I’d wanted to get back into it, so it reignited the fire for me as well.” Kolts said that taking a lesson was the key for his daughter. “After going through the lesson, she really took to it. After that we started going more often and bringing other friends. Now I have a great ski buddy!”

Bring A FriendThe new Ambassador program was developed to encourage current participants to bring as many friends to the mountain as possible, and after finding out about it, Kolts met the challenge head on. “I had a lot of friends who’d talked about wanting to try skiing,” he said. “I’ve found that a lot of people have thought about skiing or wanted to try it, but it seemed too overwhelming for them. This program is perfect, because it takes that mental leap out of it. You’re going with a friend who has already been skiing, and you’re taking a lesson from a professional ski instructor. That sets you up for success. Already some of the people I brought have planned their next ski trip and can’t wait to go again. They’re hooked!”

As Ambassador of the Year, Kolts wins a four-day trip for two to the resorts surrounding Salt Lake City, compliments of Ski Utah, a pair of skis from Head Wintersports, a season pass for next winter at his home mountain, Paoli Peaks IN, a pair of Heatwave gloves from Seirus Innovation and a pair of high-tech socks from Falke USA. “I am so pumped!” Kolts said. “This is the greatest sport there is. The camaraderie you feel with everyone at the resort is not something you can get anywhere else. I’m so happy to introduce other people to something that’s so special.”

Learn to Ski & Snowboard MonthFor the past six years, January has been designated Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month even though lessons are available all winter long. The initiative launched in 2009. This is the second year for the Bring a Friend Challenge, and the inaugural year for the BAF Ambassador Program. Initiative Director Mary Jo Tarallo said, “This year has been a good one for all the LSSM/BAF initiatives, with lots of great things happening, especially the success of the Ambassador Program. It’s clear that Scott Kolts’ enthusiasm for the sport is contagious, and that’s what this program is all about.” The first runner up in the Ambassador Program was Cindy Rust of Hauser Lake, ID and second runner up was Lei Xia of Jersey City, NJ.

For more information about LSSM/BAF, contact Mary Jo Tarallo, Initiative Director, , phone: 202-431-6950