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Great Education Opportunities: Select Show Seminars Now Available For Download; Webinar Wednesdays Continue

seminars_1Many of the most well-attended and talked about seminars from the 2014 SIA Snow Show are now available for download at You’ll find many subjects covered including Stylesight’s F/W15 Color and Megatrends and the Top 20 Tools For Managing Product Development. One of the most popular subjects was digital marketing, and there were many aspects covered, from basic introductions to detailed explanations of content planning and omni-channel marketing.

The Digital Marketing 101 seminar was a perfect introduction to the subject. Seminar presenter Dan Smink, of C1 Partners, said the session was good for anyone who is just getting into digital marketing. “It’s a big help to people who are trying to do it on their own, or to help people learn the basics so that when they go to a vendor, they can ask the right questions,” he said.

Dan SminkSmink explained that they key takeaways from the session include understanding the difference between a paid search and an organic search, and how each one can be effective in your digital marketing plan. “For example, when you type in your keywords, the top three things that come up are paid, and the next 10 are organic,” he said. “They’ve come up because you’ve done the right things to rank yourself there. Both strategies cost money to maintain your spot, but the organic search is much less expensive and it has the potential to generate leads long after you stop paying for your placement. A paid search is much more expensive and will generate leads immediately, but it will stop generating leads as soon as you stop paying for it.”

Smink said there’s a place for both approaches, and one informs the other when used correctly. “You need to know how to do both, because the paid leads can serve as a type of market research, looking at historical data, as well as having the ability to see what people are searching for right now. It’s a great way to stay on top of trends. Our best clients use both approaches.”

To download the full Digital Marketing 101 seminar, and to see what other sessions are available for download, go to

Mark Your Calendar For Webinar Wednesday – next session is June 4!

C1 PartnersDigital Marketing is also the subject of our Webinar Wednesdays, held in conjunction with C-1 Partners, which Smink says are a great way to build on the 101 basics. “We try to set it up so that each subject builds on the next, so that seminars_3over the course of the year you’ll know all the building blocks. It’s very valuable to learn about it that way and it will be very helpful to anyone who needs to understand this important information. People will learn to identify their target customer, how to develop messaging, how to do business blogging; it all builds on itself and in that way, it is a very valuable tool.”

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the June Webinar, Pay Per Click Advertising – Pay Per Click advertising, most commonly seen with Google Adwords, is a digital marketing strategy which complements good onsite content development and offsite search engine optimization.  This session will show the attendee how to create an effective approach to Pay Per Click advertising.

SnowSports B2B.orgWednesday, June 4th @ 2pm EST.

And if you missed it last month, be sure to download the May 7 Webinar: Linkbuilding/Offsite SEO

Click here to see a full listing of Webinar Wednesdays, and to download previous sessions.