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In Honor of January’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, We Bring You This Season’s Newest Little Rippers

New (and Adorable!) Additions to the Ranks of Snowboarders, Courtesy of Burton’s Learn-To-Ride Program and Riglet Snowboards

Benji Elmergreen and Taylor TorcomConventional wisdom used to say that kids couldn’t learn to snowboard until they were about 8 years old, and most ski and snowboard schools didn’t offer snowboard lessons for kids under 8. But with their Learn-To-Ride Program and new Riglet boards, Burton Snowboards is changing all that, in hopes of building a new generation of snowboarders starting as early as three or younger.

Stowe Mountain Resort has been doing the Learn-To-Ride (LTR) Program for several years, and this year has introduced the “3Ride Program,” which includes the new Burton Riglet Snowboards specifically designed for the littlest riders.

“We’ve focused our 3-year old teaching program on the Riglet Snowboards,” said Chris Robinson, snowboard supervisor at Stowe. “We feel that the right equipment is the most important element in getting the youngest kids on snow, and this is the best innovation that’s ever come along to help make it possible.”

LTR Kidslanding Riglet“Riglet Boards have a rocker from tip to tail and they’re soft, so all you have to do is lean slightly and you’re turning,” Robinson explained. “The Riglet Board also has a reel on the front with a retractable leash, so the instructors can pull the kids uphill and then let them slide down a gentle slope to get the feel for the balance. After the first day, they’re usually making turns from toe to heel, and after a few days, many of these little munchkins are riding the lift.”

Benji ElmergreenRandy Torcom, marketing director for Anon/Analog, says his son Taylor, pictured above in black, has been riding at Stowe with his friend Benji Elmergreen (pictured in blue, 20-month old son of Bob Elmergreen, Burton nation and resort sales manager), and loving every minute of it.

“At just 2 1/2 years old Taylor is already getting really stoked about going snowboarding and the experience of being on the mountain. Thanks to the LTR program there’s finally gear out there that makes it possible for parents to begin teaching their kids to ride at such a young age,” Torcom said.


Burton Learn-To-RideLearn to Ski & SnowboardBurton’s Learn-To-Ride Program is being offered at resorts across the country, and January is a great month to get involved, with so many resorts offering discounts for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Click here for a listing of resorts that offer the LTR Program. Click here for a listing of deals for Ski and Snowboard month. And last but not least, watch the video below from Burton Snowboards for an extra dose of cuteness, as well as a look at the Riglet Snowboard in action.